Short Article

The Menu Link used to navigate to this Article is in a drop-down list.

The drop-down list is displayed under a Menu Link called PARENT.

This is an # URL Menu Item.

It s not clickable and does not link to a landing page.

Instead, when PARENT is:

  • dabbed on a touch sensitive screen, or
  • hovered over using a mouse on a large screen

a drop-down list is displayed.

NOTE: drop-down functionality on mobile devices (portrait view) requires use of a 3rd party extension.

Let us know if you want to display complex menus on Smartphones and Tablets.

Why use a Menu Item that does not link to anything?

Using an # URL link type enables visitors to browse a drop-down list at their leisure on touch-sensitive screens.

We explore how to work with Menus & Menu Items in our Joomla! User Guide.


CUSTOM Module inside an Article

CUSTOM Module inside an Article

The Module is styled by  our BOX Style Set.

This Text Bubble is styled using our BUBBLE Style Set.

The background image is inserted using Joomla! Options.